Work experience Platform

F3 has developed a simple, online work experience platform, specifically for financial services companies looking for female only, university work experience placements.

Over 6 weeks, a group of 5 students work together to develop a solution to a real business problem. The Project Team is supported by a skilled Mentor, provided by one of our Corporate Partners.

The F3 work experience platform provides the framework and support to the Mentor and Project Teams in achieving the end goal – a solution to an important business problem.

Administration support is provided by F3 to ensure that Project Teams and Mentors are working well and achieving their milestones.

Project Team

The Project Teams are:

•       Groups of 5 young women

•       Randomly selected

•       University sourced

The Project Teams undertake research and analysis into a business problem and provide a solution. The Project Team presents the final solution/recommendations to senior business leaders from our Corporate Partner at the end of the project.


business problem

F3's Corporate Partners have a business problem that needs our help. The business problems are real and substantive.

The list of business problems that you could solve could be endless. Examples might include:

  • Investment feasibility analysis. We are looking at purchasing a property as part of our investment portfolio. One in Berlin and one in Brisbane. Which one is best and why?

  • Company modelling. Model Apple and Samsung. What stock should we buy right now?

  • New product strategy. Here are two products. We would like to bring one to market. Which one should we choose? What is our go to market strategy and our expected profitability?

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