From Russia with Love

It may sound boring but working in finance became my dream when I was about 14 years old. It was an exciting time in Russia (I am originally from Russia), post-Perestroika and I saw how the country was changing and a big part of it was the evolving financial industry (pretty much non-existent in its pure form during the communism era). I found it exciting to learn how the banking system had to change and evolve to serve the new nation’s needs, how the financial sector had to break free from the government control and I decided that I am going to study finance because it was clear to me that it is one of the main building blocks of our life. I studied Banking & Finance at the university and after starting my career as a currency trader working for a private bank I soon realised that finance is a very diverse area and there is a lot to choose from. It is an exciting industry to work in and it offers unlimited opportunities for professional (and personal) development in various areas. I now work as a senior consultant for a global consulting company in Australia providing services to our clients (ie super funds, industry funds, endowments, charities, wealth management businesses, etc) and the idea of helping them to achieve better outcomes for their members makes my job very exciting and fulfilling. 

Dania Zinurova, Director of Manager Research, Australia, WillisTowersWatson