How I was encouraged into find out more about Finance...

I was inspired to get into finance through my godfather. Growing up, he always lived overseas - Japan and the US, mainly. He came home to Australia, generally over summer, and always under much fanfare, with my mum and dad and their friends eager to understand what he had been up to. Most people didn't know what he did, but everyone knew he was in the financial services industry.

To me, as a young woman at school, he was always an international man of mystery; A person telling wonderful, endearing and enthusiastic stories of big deals, of places he had been to and people he had met. He always sounded like he had great time with lots of learning, changing markets and no day ever been the same. I was super eager to find out for myself one day. 

So when I decided to go to uni, I knew what I wanted to explore: it was financial services. And over 20 years later, I now know why he had a great time. I too have done much exploring across the globe, never having one day similar to the next. I look forward to the next 20 years in this interesting and forever on the move industry. 

C xx