My love for numbers & people

From a young age, I realised I had an aptitude for numbers and a desire to get involved in business.

The formal business environment was still very male dominated and formal, and that may have fuelled my drive to study finance and receive my Chartered Accountant qualification as my “passport” to get involved and enter the professional business environment on an equal footing.

Since then, I have worked across the financial services sector, in areas including;  asset consulting, investment management, marketing, sales and business management.

I love the people I get to engage with either as colleagues, clients or fellow industry participants; intelligent, driven and varied. The work and industry continues to evolve and reshape and the relationship dynamics therein morph to strive to meet shared objectives.

I have been working for more than two decades in the financial services industry and during this time have managed an emigration; continued study and learning; role, function and company changes; a growing family (including 2 teenage daughters & a dog) and look forward to another score of years working in the sector in various capacities.    

Sandi Orleow, Consultant & Non Executive Director