Resume tips & tricks

Lots of people ask me for advice. They are either wanting to change job or industry and think that they could never achieve the job of their dreams. I say, well if you are counting yourself out before putting your resume in, then you’ll never get that dream role! You’ve got to be in it, to win it!

Here are a few simple tips to think about before sending your resume in.

Firstly, Don’t think about your role, title or industry. Ask yourself - What are my skills? What skills do I have that are easily transferrable? 

Write these down.

For example, you’ve worked in retail whilst at university and are going for your first professional role. What skills do you have? Lots! From your retail role: Client service, sales, cash/point of service management, team work, communication skills, can succeed under pressure, strong time management, etc. From your university subjects: Problem solving, analysis, team work, etc

Secondly, think about the job that you want? What are the skills that might be required for that role?

Write those down.

For example, you’re going for a junior financial planning role. What skills does the role need? Analysis, customer service, communication skills, team work, planning specific software, work under pressure, can do attitude, relationship building skills etc.

Thirdly, match the skills that you have and those required by your dream role and write your resume accordingly.

Finally, think about the person interviewing you: their role, their business and industry. What do you think they’d expect to see from an excellent candidate like you.

Tailor your resume specifically for the role you want. 

Other tips: Keep it short. Show your personality and ensure that the final product conveys who you are. 

There are websites out there that can help you build your resume e.g.;; there are many others. Check them out.

Good luck!