How to write a killer cover letter

So you’re popping in your CV to a dream job and you want to make an extra impression - well that’s what the cover letter is for. If you’re thinking should I or shouldn’t I, the answer is definitely, yes, have one.

I once had a boss who wouldn’t accept a CV if the cover letter wasn’t personally signed. Thankfully this rule is relaxed a little now but this should bring home its importance.

Below are my top 5 tips for leaving an impression with your cover letter:

  • Short and sweet. 

No one wants to read an essay. Keep it to half a page. Clear formatting is a must. Dot points are awesome. Spell check before sending. Write to an individual and address them by name.

  • So how much do you really want the job?

Show the reader that you’ve done some research on the company and why you’d love to work for them. 

  • Summarise your skills and emphasise them

If you have ok collaboration, team work and communication skills, then say you have ‘highly tuned collaboration and communications skills enabling me to work well as a core member of a high performing team’.

  • Stand out from the crowd

The only way to do this is by showing your true, authentic self. Show the reader who you are and why you’d be a great asset to the company. 

  • Have an action ending

At the end of your cover letter, say that you’ll follow up with a call or email in a week after sending in your CV. And in a weeks time, do it! This will show that you’re willing, able and enthusiastic. Great traits for a potential employee.

Good luck and hopefully these cover letter tips help you land your dream job!