How to nail an interview

So you’ve been asked in to interview for your dream job. OMG! How exciting! OMG! How daunting! So, what now? Over the 16 years I’ve been doing interviews, here is my checklist of what I’d like to see from the other side of the desk.

  • Do your homework

Make sure you do your homework on the company and the individual you’re meeting. Read their website, the latest white papers, press articles and insights from their teams and mention things that interested you all throughout your interview, like breadcrumbs… it’s gold.

Google and visit the linkedin pages of the person you’re meeting with. This is a must these days. Do you both have anything in common? If so, mention this within your interview. Top tip: People hire people who are like them.

  • Positive Energy

This is super important. Make sure you gee yourself up before hand. Do all your power poses in the 10 minutes before walking into the interview. (Personally, I shadow box in the bathroom cubical beforehand to ensure I’m warmed up and my energy is high. A quick fix of the hair and a spot of lippy and I’ve got my game on. Ready to go). If you haven’t seen Amy Cuddy’s TED talk, I highly recommend it. You can watch it here.

  • Practice, practice, practice

My piano teacher would always say to me, ‘Practice makes perfect, Camilla’, and whilst I wasn’t the most exemplary student, Mrs Joy was indeed correct. Practice role playing your interview with your mum, dad, sister, brother, friend, whomever. It will definitely be worth the effort.

  • All interactions are interviews 

Whilst you might think the interview starts and ends when the meeting room door opens and closes, you are sorely mistaken. The interview starts with the cover letter and CV and includes phone conversations, the handshake, body language and all the chit chat before and after the formal interview itself.

Make sure that you ‘bring it’ to all interactions. 

(Another quick tip: in interview situations sometimes less is more. Answer the interview question directly. Don’t over share. Oversharing can trip you up.)

  • Above all, be yourself

Show your true colours. Be your authentic, true self. Be funny - if that’s you. Be serious - if that’s you. Be loud - if that’s you. Be quiet - if that’s you. It’s important.

Relax and use each and every interview as a learning experience. Reflect on your performance and give yourself some tips for improvement - whether you’re successful or not.

Good luck! I know you’ll nail it!