You're great at maths

What a fabulous podcast! I saw myself within a number of these great stories. I particularly resonated with Phylecia Jones story, as it is my own, even till this day… And I’m in finance!

I was that 15 year old who, when choosing my HSC subjects, was thinking about leaving maths off the list. My dad sat me down and told me to do 2 unit maths for my HSC. I thought was no good at it and was putting my result in jeopardy. Fast forward twenty something years, and having done a Bachelor in Commerce, a Masters in Applied Finance and Investments and my MBA, there are still days where that 15 year old self comes to the surface. But do you know what? I now know I’m good at maths. End of story.

Here at F3 we aim to foster the next generation of female talent in financial services. Finance is part art and part science. Whether you think you’re good at maths or not, you can find a fabulous career in finance waiting for you. You just need to seek it out.

Thanks @NPR and TED Radio Hour in featuring not one but two Aussies, Eddie Woo of WooTube fame, and Adam Spencer, everyone’s favourite maths geek and comedian … along with a few laughs!