Maximising Emma's utility

Emmas’s career choice in finance…

When I was a teenager my uncle provided me with a key piece of advice that has stuck with me ever since, which was that ‘anything you don’t need, is expensive’. My interpretation of this advice doesn’t mean I shouldn’t spend money on items or experiences that bring me happiness but instead it encourages a mindset to be more conscious of where I spend my limited resources (including my time) to ensure I am maximising my utility. This personal philosophy flows through to my professional life seamlessly and is one of the reasons I enjoy working in finance (or more specifically, the investments space). For example, when it comes to institutional investing, it is imperative that we allocate our client’s funds (‘limited resources’) to companies that will use this capital efficiently and generate superior returns (‘maximising utility’) for our clients.

In addition to this, the finance industry is very broad and dynamic which means there are always opportunities to learn something new and stretch yourself. Alongside my interest in allocating capital efficiently, I am also passionate about using my own knowledge to help others improve their financial literacy, especially women. It is incredibly empowering to be able to confidentially manage your own finances, creating security for yourself and investing in your future. Even a basic understanding of the power of compound interest can have a meaningful impact on your future wealth.

Emma Williams

Assistant Analyst, CFSGAM